Thank you for visiting my portfolio. I have been making art as far back as I can remember. I spent my childhood in Southern Africa where my parents recognized and my passion for visual arts and provided opportunities for me to develop as an artist. In 1979 I bought my first camera and was excited about the possibilities of using the medium to create images that were more than just a record of time and place. I began exploring the use of line, shape, rhythm, repetition, movement and contrast to create photographic images that express a particular point of view and that draw viewers in emotionally. Throughout the photographic process I am constantly trying to distill what I see by eliminating distractions and leveraging design principles to create a cohesive image. I fondly refer to this process as “taking the noise out". I have made Minnesota my home for the past 35 years and in between the joyful demands of being a family I continue to explore and grow on this journey. I hope you can see my unique voice in these images and that they will draw you in to connect on a personal level. Much appreciated, Peter
Thank you!
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